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B&G Bed Bug Traps BedBug Monitor Traps Non-Toxic Bed Bug Detecti $16.98

B&G Bed Bug Traps BedBug Monitor Traps Non-Toxic Bed Bug Detection Traps

10 B&G Bed Bug Traps BedBug Monitor Traps Non-Toxic Bed Bug Detection Traps 

Lo-Line Professional Bed Bug Traps and Monitors  Insect Traps - Bed Bug Detection Traps

Bedbug Treatment

Bedbugs are quickly becoming one of the most critical pest problems facing us today. They can be found in hotels, retail stores and homes. The Pest Managment Professional has many different treatment options available from heat to cold to insecticide treatment. Even if your primary treatment method is heat or another option, the experts agree that an insecticide treatment is required to insure that your treatment is effective. B&G has all the tools you need for this insecticide treatment. View our video for inspection, application techniques and other procedures required to develop an effective Bedbug Program.

The efficacy of bed bug monitors is based on their design and how the bed bugs get to the glue surface. The most successful monitors are designed as pit-fall traps: the bed bug falls onto the glue after climbing an angled surfac . 

These are effective because the bug is walking on a nearly flat surface (30° angle) and forward motion sends it over the (unexpected) edge.

 Monitors that fold together into a square-shape have horizontal sides and capture few bed bugs.

This trap has angled sides and end ramps that completely surround the glue surface.

 The bed bug has no contact with the glue until it falls onto it. And the contact is usually legs and body so there is no means of pulling away.

 Bed bugs can enter from either the side vents or the end ramps, climbing either will result in dropping to the glue.

 This is a true ‘pit-fall’ trap: the bed bug walks over the edge and falls to the glue.

 There is no hesitation because the edge of the ramp or the side is not apparent.

Side Drop Zone  

Bed bugs concentrated along the perimeter of the glue surface probably entered from the side vents.

 If this was adjacent to a baseboard, itmay indicate a harborage area.

End Drop Zone 

 Bed bugs here probably crawled up the end ramp and fell onto the glue. The end opening and ramps are slight smaller than the side vents.

Middle Zone   

 Bed bugs found in the middle of glue surface probably fell from the inside top of the trap. This may have occurred when the trap was being opened; however, bed bugs are known to drop from horizontal surfaces (including ceilings) because they lack the tarsal pads that allow roaches and flies to walk upside down.


This is a large trap with a low profile; it fits easily under kitchen appliances and in confined spaces. 

The low design and ramp leading to the sticky surface prevents Bed Bugs from escaping. Ready to use, just peel off cover and assemble trap. 

Specially formulated attractant applied below glue.

It is an ideal monitor/trap for use in sensitive areas such as homes, schools and health-care facilities.

The Lo-Line Trap is the most advanced sticky trap available for many pests.

The Lo-Line Trap includes features based on research on the movement behavior of insects, using the technology of glue and chemical attractants. 

This trap has a 20-year history in professional pest control of providing effective monitoring, prevention, and control of pest infestations.

These Traps are Pesticide-free and can be used in sensitive accounts including nearly all school classrooms, food processing plants, restaurants, fitness gyms, health care facilities, supermarkets, and office buildings. 

Other locations needing pesticide-free service include accounts in which the workers or residents are chemically sensitive, or animals may be affected by exposed to insecticides.

The Lo-Line is designed for professional use as a trap for crawling insects. 

It is more than a folded piece of cardboard with a sticky surface.

 Research on insect walking behavior and food preferences have been applied to the overall A key feature is the 30°

A key feature is the 30° slope of the ramps at both ends of the trap, and the slope of the sides of the trap. Insects walk or run up the 30° slope at the ends, and they don’t slow down or stop.Their forward momentum carries them over the ramp and onto the glue.

 Movement up the sides of the trap results in insects entering the openings and onto the glue surface.

The wings on the top of the trap protect the glue surface from dust and dirt, and help to disperse the attractant. 

The trap design allows air to enter at the ends and flow out the sides into the environment. 

This maintains the efficacy of the trap over a long period.

The glue has an extreme hold-fast quality. It will tightly hold the feet and body of  Bed Bugs that walk on the surface.

The design and the ready-to-use feature of the attractant + glue make the Lo-Line trap effective for capturing Bed Bugs and other crawling pests.

Low profile allows the trap to fit under equipment and in narrow spaces. 

The size is suitable for all crawling pests. The top lock prevents accidental opening and protects the glue surface. 

The shape conceals the trapped insects from public view.

Quality construction and materials prevent damage in commercial and residential locations.

 It is durable under wet conditions.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 02 July, 2012.
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